Wet Pit Work

Elevator pits are often one of the lowest points in a building leaving them susceptible to ground water intrusion. Rather than removing water once it has already entered the pit our unique system removes ground water before it enters the pit area. We are able to achieve this by utilizing specialized equipment and modern controls that not only remove ground water  but also monitors water levels and offers an advanced warning of potential problems. 

Current system sluggish or not functioning properly? We offer a variety of service options including regular scheduled and emergency pump service.

Hydraulic elevator pit flooded with water.
Clean and dry hydraulic elevator pit after Wet Pit System was installed.

Building Related Work

Whether you are planning a modernization or simply updating your equipment and machine spaces our team is ready to help. We work with top tier industry professionals to provide HVAC, electrical, elevator flooring, elevator related fire alarm system work  and much more.

Looking up traction elevator hoistway during decommission or modernization project.
Traction elevator machine room after modernization and building related work was complete.