Finger pushing first floor button on stainless steel car operating panel.

Service and Maintenance

At Midwest Elevator & Drilling we are a full service maintenance provider. Our highly trained and experienced team is ready to  put there skills to use for you. We offer several  standard service packages as well as offer custom options so we can provide a maintenance plan that fits your specific needs. our 24hr answering service ensures the safety of your customers by informing us of a problem so we can mobilize a technician immediately in the event of an emergency.

Three elevator lobby with decorative stone walls, wood floors and stainless steel elevator doors.


Elevator out of service or not functioning properly? Our repair crews are ready to get your equipment back up and running in a timely fashion. With the state and industry regularly adopting new safety codes we can keep your equipment up to date and avoid costly down time.

Modernized elevator equipment room with MCE controllers and Imperial machines.


Elevators have many moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. We are fully equipped to update your equipment  leaving you with  reliable and efficient operation for years to come. Our all inclusive team is capable of  taking on your modernization project from start to finish. We offer not only modernization but also hydraulic jack replacement and building related work all in one stop. Let us simplify your project by working with one contractor from start to finish! 

Hydraulic elevator pit with new jack and spring buffers.

Jack Repair/Replacement

A leaking jack or out of service elevator can be a stressful ordeal for building owners and managers. With years of experience and specialized equipment we can safely repair or replace your worn or leaking jack assembly in a timely fashion. We are here for you and our top priorities are quality, safety and cleanliness. Let us get you back up and running without the headaches.

Two elevator lobby at a renovation construction site during demolition.


Remodeling or demolishing a structure with  existing equipment that is no longer needed? Midwest Elevator & Drilling offers elevator, escalator and dumbwaiter decommissioning and removal. We are fully equipped to handle your project from start to finish. Removing a hydraulic elevator? Our staff is licensed to clean out and seal abandoned holes/borings. We offer peace of mind by filing the appropriate forms with the state offices and conduct soil testing and disposal of contaminated debris. 

Escalator cleaning machine cleaning escalator steps.

Escalator Cleaning

Escalators are often one of the first things customers and clients see when entering a building. This also means they are subject to dirt, salt and debris from heavy foot traffic. This buildup over time can lead to corrosion of aluminum steps and effect the operation of the equipment. Our specialized escalator step cleaners are capable of surface cleaning step treads, risers and landing plates without costly and time consuming process of removing the steps. Restore the look of you escalator with a thorough step cleaning. One time and regular scheduled cleanings available. Contact our sales team for a quote.